Troubleshooting: pulse sensors will not come online, or wrong data shows

If the installation cannot be completed with below guide, and additional help is needed, contact your Customer Success Representative or email

Sensor ID does not show in ‘installation’ tab

Contact to ensure correct registration of the sensor to your account.

Sensor ID shows, but no signal in ‘installation’ tab
No measurement shows in <24 hours

  • Does the sensor ID show at one of the bridges in the ‘installation’ tab?
  • Is the selected bridge 5-10m distance from the pulse sensor, without obstacles in between?
  • Is the battery inside the pulse sensor properly placed and DIN-switch 1 turned ON?

Wrong data shows in ‘analysis’ tab

  • Are steps 1, 2 and 3 of the manual followed and is the pulse sensor connected following the received connectivity advice?
  • Are the cables connected to the correct ports on the pulse sensor?
    (O/C, GND)?
  • Are the pins with the correct colours connected to the ports?
  • Is the output cable wrapped around other existing cable in the factory?
  • In case of a pulse generator, is the manual of the generator followed?


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