Install bridges

A bridge has three antennas, a power cable and a 5V adapter. The bridge receives the data from the sensors through a wireless, industrial EnOcean connection. The bridge (temporarily) stores this data and uploads it to our cloud platform via a network connection. This network connection can be provided by means of an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or an LTE/4G (mobile network) connection. The bridge also has a LED light that indicates the connection status; this LED is located on the same side as the power cable.

The figure below shows the different parts:



To ensure correct functionality of the Sensorfact energy management system, please take the following guidelines into account:

  • Place the bridge as close as possible to the sensors;
  • Make sure that there are no large obstacles such as a large machine and/or wall between the bridge and the transmitter of the sensors. This can result in signals from the sensors not being received properly by the bridge;


  • The bridge has a white sticker on top with the text: 'bridge ID: XXXX'. This is essential information for the support department in case of questions about this bridge;
  • Make sure you do not attach any mounting material over the stickers of the bridge;
  • Make sure a power socket is available for the bridge;
  • Do not place the bridge in a distribution cabinet. This is important or else the Internet connection via Wi-Fi or LTE (4G) might not be established properly;

Installation steps

  1. Attach each antenna (EnOcean-, Wi-Fi -and LTE-antenna) to the appropriate socket in the bridge. Please mount all 3 antennas to ensure optimal functionality of the system.

    • Place the EnOcean antenna by screwing it to the bridge near the label 'EnOcean'. The EnOcean antenna is:
      • thin antenna with two grey stripes at the end.

      • -or a long, tapered antenna.

  • Install the LTE antenna by screwing it to the bridge at the 'LTE' label. The LTE antenna is a thick, semi-flat antenna.

  • Install the Wi-Fi antenna by screwing it to the bridge near the label 'Wi-Fi'. The Wi-Fi antenna is the shortest antenna.

  1. Plug the power cable into the 5V adapter at the USB input. Plug the other side of the power cable into the bridge.

  2. Fixate the bridge with the mounting materials.

  3. The power adapter can now be plugged into the socket.

  4. Check the LED to see if the bridge is connected. The LED can transmit the current status in three different ways:
    • Continuously red: Installation is successful, the bridge has connected with the Sensorfact platform;
    • Flashing green: Disk activity is taking place, for example for writing measurement data;
    • Flashing red: The bridge is trying to connect to the network.

When a bridge is connected to the network, it can take about 20 minutes for the bridge to connect. In exceptional cases, it may take longer. You can continue to install the other bridges while the bridge is connecting.

  1. Congratulations! The bridge is now installed, repeat the above steps for all other bridges in the box.
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