Installation approach

Before installing, check the inventory list to see to which sensors your machines (and meters) are linked-up with. Then, consider the below, taking the max. reach of the bridges (10 m.) into account.  

  • Location of sensors.
    • If possible, install all or most of the current sensors in a distribution cabinet. By this, the installation will go faster and you can easily determine the locations of the bridges.
    • Aim to mount the transmitters outside the cabinet to ensure reach of the wireless signal.
  • Location of bridges.
    • An electrical outlet has to be present near to the location where a bridge is mounted.
    • Do not mount a bridge within a distribution cabinet, to ensure a good internet connection.


    Aim to install the clamps of the current sensors within a distribution cabinet.
       Then, mount the transmitters of the sensors and the bridge outside the cabinet

  • Decide whether to first install the bridges or the sensors.
    • If you exactly know the locations of the sensors, we recommend to start with the bridges, as you will already know the distance between the bridges and sensors.
    • If you will determine the locations of the sensors in practice, we recommend to firstly install the sensors. Subsequently, you can better decide the location of the bridges.
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