Troubleshooting: Bridge will not come online

If the installation cannot be completed with below guide, and additional help is needed, contact your Customer Success Representative or email

Bridge is fully powered by adapter and LED keeps flashing red.

Checks to perform and possible solutions

  • Are all 3 antennas correctly and firmly connected? 
  • In case of Wi-Fi or 4G, is the network strength on the location  of the bridge strong enough? 
  • In case of a secured ethernet or Wi-Fi network (see Chapter  1)
    • Are the correct IP-addresses opened up?
    • Are MAC addressed needed and if so, registered
  • Is the bridge covered or surrounded by concrete, metal pipes or a  metal casing?
    • If so, move bridge to location without such surroundings.
  • Is the bridge Installed close to a frequency inverter?
    • If so, move bridge as far away (>2m) from the  frequency inverter as possible.
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