Use your own SIM card

Every bridge that Sensorfact provides comes equipped with a sim card. Inside of the EU we always recommend to use the provided sim card as we are able to manage these from a distance. This allows us to immediately see if the sim card is functioning properly. 

If you are outside of the EU or want to use your own sim card then it is important to take note of the following factors:

  • The sim card has to be a data only sim card
  • The sim card needs to data plan with at least 1 GB per month available to be able to transmit all the data per month 
  • There needs to be a strong enough 4G/3G/2G signal to transmit the data

It is important to know that if a client uses their own sim card, that in case of problems with the connection, Sensorfact is not able to give support at a distance.

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