Troubleshooting: current sensors will not come online, or wrong data shows

If the installation cannot be completed with below guide, and additional help is needed, contact your Customer Success Representative or email

Sensor ID does not show in ‘installation’ tab

Contact to ensure correct registration of the  sensor to your account.

Sensor ID shows, but  no signal in ‘installation’ tab
o measurement shows in <24 hours

  • Is the machine switched on? (the sensor is powered by the power  cable of the machine) 
  • Is the sensor properly clicked onto the power cable? Can you open  and close the sensor? 
  • Is the sensor in range of a bridge, without obstacles between the bridge and the sensor?


Range reduction

Wood, plaster, glass


Brick, plasterboard


Metal, concrete, mirrors


  • Are all 3 antennas correctly and firmly connected to the bridge?
  • Is the sensor Installed close to a frequency inverter? 
    • If so, move bridge as far away (>2m) from the frequency  inverter as possible. 

If the sensor has not come online after completing the above steps,  please place it where another working sensor is / was mounted to test  whether this might be a defect sensor.

Wrong data shows in ‘analysis’ tab

  • If the data in the software is not correct – seemingly the software  settings don’t fully correspond with the voltage and power factor of  the power supply. In the software ‘power’ tab, click the ‘i’ button  next to the machine to check this. 

Sensorfact can change these settings if needed.

Doubts about sensor type
Possibly wrong maximum fused power

  • Check the fused power (per phase) of the power supply to be  measured. Our sensor types indicate the maximum amperage that  can be measured with them: 60A, 200A or 600A per phase. 
  • Alternative: check the power of the machine being measured. You  can recalculate the current by dividing the power of the machine by  the voltage (in Volts) and by a standard of 0.9. For example, a 50 kW  machine connected to 230 Volt has a current of 50,000 / (230 *  0.9) = 242 A.
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